Emotional Billionaire

"When a man awakens to his true power, the world restores its sacred balance."

The Alpha Awakening course has been designed to activate a man's purpose and destiny.

Are you a man who...

Loves to win?

Is always looking for the next level upgrading?

Loves competition?

Has created financial security & abundance into his life?

His love life is the only thing he’s never won?

Finds that women are mysterious creatures?

Cannot pinpoint why he keeps attracting the same type of women all over again?

Within this course,

You’ll learn:

-how to sublimate and transmute different energies and emotions

– to transform old traumas stored in the body, making space for Kundalini to rise

-a profound mental framework used in integrative therapy and self-development 

-embodiment techniques and practices related to Tantra and a range of other healing modalities

You’ll have: 

  • Balanced sexual energy
  • Devoted and balanced women attracted to you
  • Complete alignment with your life’s purpose
  • Superhuman confidence
  • A deep loving and supportive relationship with your parner
  • Inner drive to accomplish any goals
  • Sharp focus to attain your goals
  • Spiritual & earthly wealth
  • Sacred rituals reserved for the successful elite
  • Life force energy circulating freely within your body
11 modules
Lifetime access.

Who created the Alpha Awakening Course?

Layla Rose, the Founder of Hathor’s Virtual Temple, created this online course using her knowledge on tantric practices. She started remembering her past life in Ancient Egypt as a High Priestess back in Spring 2020, before undergoing an intense Tantric training and channeling more information from this area. Temples used to teach through Mystery Schools, which kept most of the information a secret, for a specific reason. This information cannot be misused or fall into the hands of people wanting to destroy and oppress humanity. Kings, Pharaohs and Roman War chiefs used to seek Tantrikas or Priestesses before and after wars to heal, advice and activate them. Those who resonates with this will seek what they’re looking for inside Layla’s Tantric teachings.