Advanced Tantric Retreat

Ready for a pulse-racing, mind-blowing adventure?

Sensual tantric massages, kundalini bodywork, wet shows, healing breath work, tantric kink, crystal body grids, sacred striptease, and the famous Ancient Egyptian Feast Festival with a private chef and the naked sushis experience !

Tantrikas are at your service to create memories that will arouse passions, forever.

I'm ready

The Ultimate Sensorial Experience

Reserved for the Alpha Awakening Online Course students only.

Sensual Tantric Massage

This Full Body massage is performed with nuru gel infused with lotus and roses.

Wet Shows

Slippery dancing show to feast your eyes.

Sacred Striptease

Tantrikas from all over the world sharing their tantric dancing techniques for your own pleasure.

Kundalini Bodywork

Ancient de-armouring technique in order to ignite and unlock life force energy.

Healing Breath Work

Tantric breathing techniques to activate your pineal gland.

Naked Sushis

This multi-dimensional experience will be provided during the Festival night.

Four hands & Six hands Tantric Massage

This is Heaven on Earth- 2 or 3 Tantrikas doing a sensual massage to reach new levels of ecstasy. 

Crystal Body Grid

Relaxing treatment with the application of crystals on specific pressure points and energy centers.

Festival Night

A unique re-creation of the Ancient Egyptian Festival at the Temple of Hathor to celebrate the goddess.