Hathor Mystery School is an education investment group that builds and invests in education businesses to share the most ancient knowledge and spiritual practices shared in Temples & Pyramids.


Who is Hathor?

Hathor, in Ancient Egypt mythology, is the goddess of love, women, fertility and sky.

The Temple of Hathor was built in Egypt around 2500 BC and nearly completed in 20 BC by Queen Cleopatra VII. It is one of the best-preserved sites in all of Egypt. And the temple itself was built to worship the Ancient Egyptian goddess.

Decorated with a complex astrological chart of the heavens and zodiac signs and facing the Nile, imposing columns have been carved to bear the face of the goddess, complete with the cow horns she is typically shown to bear.

We dare you to discover why leaders, Kings, Pharaohs and War lords would seek this Temple and have been worshipping this deity for thousands of years.