Our Rules

Who we are

We are a professional upscale agency for elite content creators and brands. We also offer digital courses and mobile feminine arts. Here are some of the rules you must follow:


The Mobile Tantric Experience, the Body-to-body Massage.

Always obey our Muses – their rules are golden and final.

For the body-to-body massage experience, there is strictly no sex and fellatio, do not waste your time asking our Muses.

No touching in between the legs is permitted.

If our rules are not followed, your Muse can terminate your session immediately with no refund possible.

Can you send a Muse to my hotel or to an event?

Yes, we offer mobile massage services. Please note that this isn’t an escort agency, check out our rules first before booking.

We will proceed with a screening where you will have to provide your ID, a reference and a security deposit.

Can you offer full service, sex or fellatio?

Strictly no. We only offer Tantric body-to-body massages and digital courses on the topic. You can always check out the Muse’s exclusive content on her page before booking her.

What measures are taken during the pandemic?

Masks, sanitization and social distancing measures are in place.

Are you pictures are real?

Yes, all of our pictures are real and up to date.


We are thrilled you choose our temple, whether it’s for the exclusive in-person experience, the exclusive content access or our digital courses.

Your feedback is very appreciated, if you have any negative experience, please let our staff know immediately at info@hathortemple.com- your satisfaction is our priority.

If you’re delighted with your experience, send us a testimonial and please tell your friends.